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Meet Redmond Ramos, the extraordinary  Patriot set to star in The Wilderness Pilot

"After Redmond Ramos stepped on an IED, doctors told him he’d never run again without a leg amputation.  

Now, he competes in track and field at the Warrior Games and is set to star in his second feature film"

-Time Magazine

Redmond has just come out staring in The Healing Garden due out in 2020


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Lose Your Mind and Find Your Soul

Act I: A pilot crashes his small plane while trying to fly in a client to a remote fishing trip location. The client dies, leaving the pilot alone and lost in a vast, inhospitable wilderness. The pilot’s escape is further complicated by the fact that he lost his leg during a firefight in Iraq. Armed only with some snacks, a bit of gear, and a Bible, the pilot begins his journey home.

Act II: What begins as a fight for his life in a story of wilderness survival soon becomes something entirely different. The pilot discovers that there are other people in these woods. He is hopeful with each new encounter that he will be shown the way out, only to find that these woods are filled with other lost souls who also need saved.

Act III: The pilot realizes that this strange wilderness is not what it seems when, while fishing by a stream, he encounters his own dead father. The pilot is filled with angry memories of his father’s past transgressions, and he refuses the father’s offer to save him. The two men have a violent struggle, which leaves the son once again alone, wounded, and trapped in the wild. Finally reaching his breaking point, the son surrenders and cries out for help. An angelic and otherworldly figure, Captain Michaels, appears and shows the pilot the one true path out of the wilderness through the power of the Word.

The pilot is finally able to forgive his father and himself and begins his final and lasting journey towards redemption.



To bring a message of redemption to a lost and broken world in a thought provoking way.

Films that uses biblical theology as source material should move an audience to wrestle with God by challenging their imagination in ways that make them a better person. These stories shouldn't shut their imagination down by whispering sweet nothings in their ear. "Christian" doesn't translate to "safe." "Faith-based" shouldn’t mean "candy-coated."​

Hollywood has been telling its story in creative and interesting ways to the world for generations. It's time we do the same by making films that let the viewer belong in the story, before having to believing in its message. 

The Wilderness Pilot is that film.