Meryem Ersoz

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Mr. Granda has just finished writing and directing the feature film THE HEALING GARDEN  now in post production and set for a 2020 release date.

Joseph has a long history on the stage and in film. He began his career as an actor at The Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC. 

Joseph starred opposite Academy Award-winner, Mira Sorvino in the New Line Cinema film AMONGST FRIENDS, written and directed by Rob Weiss. He has played opposite Keanu Reeves in Alfonso Arau’s A WALK IN THE CLOUDS, opposite Eric Roberts and Theresa Russell in the HBO original film PUBLIC ENEMIES. He starred in Artisans’ theatrically released’ film CAUGHT UP, opposite Snoop Dog and LL Cool J.

Joseph’s screenwriting credits include SMELLS LIKE SCHOOL SPIRIT for Red Door Development and WINNING AT WATERLOO for Bright Pictures. His screenplay WHITE NOISE was purchased by Saleem Films. In 2015, his screenplay OUT OF THE FLATIRONS was a finalist in the Kairos Prize for spiritually uplifting films.

Mr. Granda is also an accomplished artist.



Gordon R. Page is President of Air Assets® International, a privately held, aviation ventures company located near Denver, Colorado. Mr. Page has been active in business development within the aerospace industry since 1989. As a pilot himself, Mr. Page has recognized the needs of the aviation industry and prides himself on being one to provide unique solutions, while creating strong relationships with customers. Mr. Page has brokered over $100 Million in aircraft sales.

Most recently, he served as the featured host and technical advisor on the TV show CHASING PLANES, now entering its second season



Meryem Ersoz is one of Colorado's top film producers. She has produced feature films in budgets ranging from $200,000 to $3 million, including two award-winning films currently in distribution, under her own film label, Black Wing Digital Entertainment. In addition to producing, she also works in her local market as a cinematographer. She has also shot projects recently for National Geographic and CNN. 


Meryem is technically savvy, creative, and she is a systems thinker. She has a PhD in American Literature and media studies from the University of Oregon and has found many ways to use that knowledge base in the production of films. Meryem is also a founding owner of an air sea and land film company. 




Redmond Ramos joined the military at 18 years old to become a Navy Corpsman (combat medic) with The Marines. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 where he stepped on an IED and later lost his leg.

Redmond decided to begin a life of motivating others. He competed in track and swimming internationally for Team USA Invictus games. He has appeared on THE AMAZING RACE, HBO's WESTWORLD and television shows THE COLONY and TIMELESS. Redmond travels the globe as a motivational speaker and offers “Success Through Struggle,” courses, devoted to creating champions by changing mindsets.

THE WILDERNESS PILOT is an extension of Redmond’s mission to share the Word in a way that will reach a broad audience.